Magneto Cat


I assure you that I’ve been hard at work on several things lately. However, Magneto Cat is just one of the things not currently covered by an NDA. So with that, I present X-Men: Magneto Cat.

I shot this with my friend Kaipo Jones and designed and executed several VFX shots in the video.

The behind the scenes video gives a little taste of what went into some of the VFX shots, and a very BIG taste in what went into the sound design for the project. Something, I feel that a lot of YouTube videos out there are lacking. Take notes, kids.

Professor X Cat


Released in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend is our latest in the X-Cat series: Professor X Cat.
Aside from shooting the video, I also created the VFX for the Cerebro sequence at the end of the video.

I touch upon a little bit of what was involved with the end sequence in the BTS video:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cat


The cat is back again! This time donning his adamantium claws.

Another short video I shot with my friend Kaipo in order to bolster his cat’s acting career.

UPDATE 3/18/2014: It looks like the video passed the 1 million view mark and is still steadily growing. Thankfully, we have a followup episode almost ready to go as well as some more ideas in the pipeline. I’m really looking forward to where we can take this sudden swell of popularity/interest.

Behind the scenes here: