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Blizzcon 2013

Wow! I’m not talking about “World of Warcraft”. Just an exclamatory “WOW!” This had to have been the biggest Blizzcon I have attended yet. There was so much to see and do that I had a really difficult time getting around and taking photos. However, I did take manage to take a few. The cosplay […]

To Europe and Back Again

Back in late August and all through September, I spent some time backpacking through Europe with my wife. We traveled by rail to quite a few cities, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Hallstatt, Interlaken, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, Rome, and Venice. We braved mosquitos, bedbugs, and drunk creepers on overnight trains and had […]

BRB, going to Korea

It’s time once again to pack my bags and break out the passport, because I’m off to South Korea. While I’m spending the holidays away from home, I’m not necessarily spending it away from family. I’ll be visiting my wife’s family and attending my sister-in-law’s wedding. Also, since this is my first visit to South […]