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Thor Kid

Here is a goofy little take on Thor as a child that I shot with my friend Kaipo Jones. It was a good introductory test of our child wrangling/directing skills. Kids, comic book characters, giant robots… [jwplayer mediaid=”566″] Cast: Blaik Johnson Zeth Johnson Kyle Schember Ryan Stuit Camera: Rory O’Donnell Audio FX: Ryan Stuit http://www.subtractive.net  Also, […]

Fun with Starcraft 2, 3ds Max and After Effects: Part 1

I’m the type of person who will eagerly attempt to teach myself all there is to know about a subject when my interest is piqued. Sometimes, I’ll even forget that I had originally set out to do some other task before the insatiable quest for knowledge struck. Lately, I’ve wanted to give myself some matchmoving […]